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Real change starts with a decision – so why do we have difficulty making a decision to change?

In this 6-hour workshop, you will learn what keeps you from your true potential, whether it’s your emotional or physical health, vitality, career or financial success, healthy relationships, knowing your soul’s purpose or anything else you desire.

We will explore ways to shift the programming in our bodies to create real and lasting change in your life. We will end with an active guided meditation designed to help you take back your power to create your own destiny.


Class Times: 10am-5pm
Exchange: $225 (includes lunch)

How to Access your Intuition/Psychic Senses

In this interactive 6-hour workshop you’ll learn to easily access a theta brainwave state so that you can tap into your intuition and psychic senses.

We will address the reasons your intuition and psychic senses may be blocked or limited and remove any associated fears. We will explore the different psychic senses, with hands-on opportunities to practice, communicate with Angels/Guides, do future readings and much more.


Class Times: 10am-5pm
Exchange: $225 (includes lunch)


Kundalini Yoga Workshops

Two workshops are offered – Reaching Your True Potential and Intuition
These Kundalini Yoga inspired workshops will help you step into your power. The workshops will be a combination of teachings, experiential activities and kundalini yoga.


Class Times – 9am-5pm
Exchange $225 (includes lunch}

Kundalini Yoga Six Week Class

Two six week 1-1/2 hour classes are offered – Women’s Empowerment and Enhancing the Brain and Nervous System
Each class will include an introduction to the practice and time afterwards for socializing.
Yogi tea and a snack will be included.


Exchange: $150

Want to gain more clarity on how you can have this in your life now. Download my 5 Steps to Change.

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