Belinda Phillips | Work With Me
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Work With Me


You know that barrier you can’t break through…

the dream that continues to elude you, the one that seems to come so easily to other people.

You know that voice in your head…

the one that tells you you’re not good enough. The one that says that success, love or happiness just aren’t meant for you.

You know those age-old hurts and losses…

the ones you can’t quite get over, no matter how hard you try. The physical symptoms that are compromising your daily life.

We Can Release These Blocks.

Starting right now.

And when we do? You’ll finally see what you’re really capable of… and it is so much greater than you ever imagined. Sounds magical right? Maybe it is…

Ready for a new Reality?

Here’s how it works…

We’ll get together by video call, phone, or in person. We’ll use muscle testing to identify the subconscious blocks holding you back and use spiritual energy healing techniques to release and resolve them. Together, we’ll design your personalized daily practices to make you feel energized, positive and in control, raise your energetic frequency and nourish your body, mind, heart and soul. I will stand beside you, offering loving support and guidance as you consciously and purposefully take action towards the life of your desires.

Schedule a Call to See How We Can Work Together:

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule your booking up to 48 hours prior to the appointment.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, you may reschedule your session within the same week (subject to availability) at no additional charge. If your appointment is not or cannot be rescheduled within the same week, you will be charged in full.


You can take back your power to be happy, feel good, love big, have cool experiences and live an expansive life that makes your heart sing.