Belinda Phillips | Support in These Challenging Times

Support in These Challenging Times

Support in These Challenging Times

Support in These Challenging Times

A lot of people are struggling right now.  First, the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the lack of human contact, and the fear of being exposed to a virus we don’t understand.  Then, the financial fallout people are experiencing all over the country.  We then witness extreme racism caught on camera, the loss of human life, protests, sorrow, pain, anger, guilt and introspection about the systemic problem of racism.  It’s a lot.  

Whether it’s about your reaction to what’s happening in the world or your own personal struggles, you may be uncomfortable.  I know I am.  Being forced to confront our own fears and insecurities isn’t easy.  It does, however, give us the opportunity to live with more clarity, to make more conscious decisions, and to be proud of how we are showing up in the world.    

I have been on a journey to find ways to show up as my best self, create a better life for myself and my family, and contribute to creating a better humanity, The starting place for me is always ThetaHealing.  I find it to be an effective tool to address hidden fears in the subconscious that are skewing our reality, causing us to self-sabotage what we want the most, keep us stuck in victimhood, and cloud our ability to see the injustices that are occurring in the world.  While it’s not always an easy process, the clarity that comes from doing the work makes it all worthwhile.  

Over the years, I’ve noticed that people are often frustrated or discouraged when doing internal work for a variety of reasons —  

     ♦They may not want to have to do the work even when they know that change takes work.  

     ♦They don’t want to experience the uncomfortable or even painful feelings that may come up, not realizing the healing that occurs when those feelings are allowed to be expressed.  

    ♦They may not understand that while they may gain better clarity that is not clouded by fear and trauma, they still have to take action to create the change they desire.  

     ♦They may be disillusioned because they want to be happy, fulfilled and blissful all the time. 

     ♦They may be frustrated because what they want is taking too long to achieve.

If you relate to any of this, I’ve put together some thoughts that may be helpful for you to consider  —

     ♥You may want to get from A to Z in one step and it may not happen like that.  In general, the most challenging step in change is getting from A to B.  It’s like turning the course of a ship.  It’s so large and has so much momentum behind it that it requires a lot of energy to begin the turn.  Once the ship begins to turn, the effort required is much less.  

    ♥There is something called divine timing and it can’t be rushed.  Sometimes there are moving pieces at work that we can’t see and it’s important to honor that and trust the Universe that energetically all the pieces are moving in the right direction.  

     ♥It may also require the willingness to be curious and explore.  We may need to try out different courses of action without judging ourselves if we stumble. 

     ♥Remind yourself the forward motion does not occur overnight and there may be fits and starts on your journey as well as two steps forward and a step backward along the way.

     ♥The value of validating what you are feeling and allowing yourself to feel the uncomfortable and painful feelings cannot be overstated. We so often do whatever we can to avoid these feelings.  It can be exhausting and counterproductive to do that and we may not even realize that’s what we are doing.  

Here are some ideas that may help you (it’s probably a good idea to try one at a time) —

     ◼The action steps may not be obvious.  It may require us to explore different resources.  We may benefit from individualized coaching.  

     ◼If you could have done it yourself, you would have already.  Getting the support you need from trusted friends, like-minded groups, and a mentor/coach are all great ways to support you on your journey. 

    ◼There are many practices you can add to your journey or experience that are healing, restorative and supportive, such as yoga, breathing practices, meditation, Reiki, Pranic Healing, PSYCH-K, shamanic practices, tapping, Qigong, Tai chi, dance, movement, music, exercise, grounding and more.   

    ◼Getting out into nature will nourish you even if it’s just to take a walk, lay down in the grass, or sit under a tree.

     ◼You may want to explore what you put into your body and honor your body with healthy foods.  In my studies to be a functional medicine coach, my work with clients, and my own exploration of healthy foods, diet and supplements, I’ve realized that this is fundamental to our well-being.

     ◼Seeking out teachers that can provide you with different perspectives may be helpful as you explore new ways of seeing the world.

     ◼Remember to ask for help – from the people in your life who are capable of helping and from the Universe, God or the spiritual support that resonates with you.

     ◼If you are losing faith, reach out to someone you trust who can help you to hold onto it and look for evidence that what you are losing faith in exists.  I promise, you will always be able to find it.  

     ◼Keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings can be really helpful both while you are journaling and when looking back to see the progress you’ve made.  

I’ve struggled in my own journey and often remind myself that I’d rather keep moving forward than go back to being unconscious and operating on autopilot.  I believe that every day I get more clarity and show up as my best self is a victory for me and for those around me.  

If you are reading this and you are feeling discouraged, struggling, experiencing uncomfortable feelings, or stumbled just a bit, this is your reminder that you CAN do the work to create a better world for yourself and others.  I believe in you.

With much love,