Belinda Phillips | You’ve Always Had the Tools My Dear

You’ve Always Had the Tools My Dear

You’ve Always Had the Tools My Dear

YOU’VE ALWAYS HAD THE TOOLS MY DEAR.  These are powerful words by Glenda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz after Dorothy had gone on a long journey to find the Wizard of Oz to help her get home.  That’s how I felt when I found ThetaHealing.  

I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I asked my daughter, Alyssa, if she wanted to go to a ThetaHealing workshop with me eight years ago.  She wanted to go with me but wasn’t sure how we were going to afford to go.  I told her I didn’t know how it would happen but that I was certain that we would figure out a way to go.

A week later, $4,000 dropped into my bank account.  The money had been owed to me but I thought I would never see it.  And I never gave the organization that owed me the money my bank account information.  When that happened, I knew we had to go.

Alyssa and I touched down at LAX uncertain of what we were about to experience.  We had taken a variety of workshops in energy healing before which involved moving energy with your hands.  We knew there was something different about this workshop. We spent our first day in Los Angeles being tourists.  We went to the Santa Monica Pier, to an outdoor concert in downtown Los Angeles and out for a nice dinner in Pasadena.  

The next morning we arrived at the workshop,  which was held in a healing center in a historic home in Pasadena.  We received a warm welcome from our hosts and found our seats. There were about 20 people in the room and we couldn’t help but notice what people were saying.  They were all from California and they were excited about the weekend. We heard words like lightworkers, spirits, and psychic abilities. These words were foreign to us and we looked at each other in confusion.

Over the course of the first day, we got a feel for what was going on.  We learned how to connect with a higher power in a meditative state. We learned a different paradigm about how our reality works.  We learned how to request and witness healings. We also learned how our beliefs can block a healing from occurring. After that first day, I knew that my life would never be the same.

The second day was even better.  We learned how to use our psychic senses to receive information that we couldn’t receive with our five senses.  We discovered that we could identify limiting beliefs that were causing us to self-sabotage what we really wanted, and more.  After the second day, I felt like I had found a magic wand.

On the way home from the workshop, I reflected on the two days we had spent exploring new concepts that expanded my understanding of what was possible.  I felt really comfortable with this work and I was able to receive information easily using my intuition or psychic abilities. When I really thought about it, it didn’t feel like I had learned something new.  It felt more like I was remembering abilities I had forgotten or lost along the way.

That weekend was eye opening for me.  I didn’t know that we all had these abilities and once we learned or remembered them, all it would take was to practice using them.  The conversations Alyssa and I had after that weekend felt like we were speaking a new language.

I was so excited about the possibilities that opened up for me with that workshop that I wanted to know more, I wanted to teach others about this work and how it could help them, and I wanted to help people to stop sabotaging what they wanted the most.  This began my deep dive into this work. 

Over the course of the next year and a half, I took 22 workshops so I could work one on one with others and teach.  Recently, I was required to take eight more classes to maintain my teaching certifications. Over the last eight years, I created, tested, and refined a process using ThetaHealing as its foundation.

I am more excited about this work than I was when we took our first workshop.  And I am always excited and happy to share. And when I do, I am reminded of Glenda’s powerful words.  We have always had the power. We just didn’t know that we did.  

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me at to begin the conversation. 

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