Belinda Phillips | Intentions or New Years Resolutions?

Intentions or New Years Resolutions?

Intentions or New Years Resolutions?

What if the Universe or God was waiting for you to set your intentions for what you want to experience in your life and you were so caught up in the daily grind and frustrated that your life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to that you never took the time to respond.

Last January, while working with a dear client who was ready to let go of the fear and disappointment that was working against her, I asked her to write out her intentions – what she wanted to experience, create, and attract into her life. I told her to dream big.

….and she did. What she sent to me was beautiful and inspiring and magical. We recently looked back at what she wrote and she had experienced just about everything she set her intention on.

She didn’t just write out her intentions and wait for the Universe to provide. She set her intentions with clarity, writing them out and then sharing them with me so there was no question about what she wanted to experience in her life. She knew that she had to act in alignment with those intentions so that the Universe knew she was serious about it, and because she knew that she had to do the legwork before the Universe would step in.

When I asked her what had changed for her, she said that she had gotten to a place in her life where she was so tired of being miserable that she would do anything to get into a different space.

Here’s a portion of what she wrote (and yes she gave me permission to share) –

“I want to trust myself fully. I want to hesitate less and act more. I want to honor my instincts and express my concerns when they arise. I want to ask for more. I want to ask for more and not be afraid I will be punished for doing so, in some way, energetically or spiritually, or by those near and dear to me. I want to continue to work on not giving a shit about how I am perceived, how my work is received. I want to give freely. I want to receive fully. I want health and well being for myself and my family. I want to honor my vitality and focus my energy and spirit on those who renew it, and give freely without abuse or conditions attached. I want to move from survival mode into more flow and flexibility and faith on a daily basis. I want to achieve financial health by working hard, getting real and trusting the universe will uphold and provide in moments of strain and doubt.”

And here’s what another client wrote –

“It is my intention to feel deeply, to laugh loudly, to dance often, to hug tightly, to see others through the space of my heart, to contribute to my communities, to be at peace, to be surrounded by love. I set the intention to allow a partner into my life that is truly a partner that loves me. He sees me beyond my appearance, beyond what I am able to give him. A partner that connects with my heart and my spirit and is over the moon about building a life with me. I am proud of the work I do and am a part of. It provides me with purpose and connection. My intention is to weave my experience of people and systems with my spiritual and creative work – helping others experience and embody their healing in partnership. This kind of work comes to me in many forms – 1:1 work, group facilitation, building creative programs that scale. This work flows to me, and I know how to take advantage of the opportunities that will financially support me and my family. I see that my relationship to money is about my desire to be generous, so it feels good to let money come and go. It is my intention to trust that who I am in any given moment is more than enough.”

So, in the spirit of bringing your dreams and desires into your life, I invite you to write out your intentions as well. Since many of us have stopped dreaming, we may stare at the blank page pondering what we want. To help you get started, I have provided some writing prompts for you. Just click here to download the writing prompts. Answer all or some of them. It’s entirely up to you. Oh…and don’t forget to have fun!

Before you start writing, I suggest that you create a sacred space to write where it’s quiet and you won’t be interrupted. Clear out anything that will distract you, turn on some quiet or inspiring music, light a candle and just let your intentions flow…

I would love it if you shared your intentions with me if you are comfortable doing so at

If I can support you in any way, let me know.

And if you’d like to set up a call with me to explore how working together would provide you with just the right insight, tools process, and support to clear out what’s getting in your way and to bring the experiences you want into your life, just call 248-408-8002 or e-mail and we can set up a time.

I love you!


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