Belinda Phillips | Your Lens is Limited and Biased

Your Lens is Limited and Biased

Your Lens is Limited and Biased

The way you see the world is limited and biased!

Yes, you. And me too. We all see the world through our own lens which is limited and biased by the very nature of how our lens is created.

Here is some information to think about…

Our lens is based on our past experiences and the past experiences and belief systems of our ancestors, our family units, our cultures and our communities. It’s also based on what we observe, read, and watch on television or on the computer.

Our lens is limited because typically we only know what we know or have been exposed to using our five senses – see, hear, smell, taste and touch. We have shut down our psychic, supernatural, or mystical senses, we have not learned how to use them, or we have not mastered them so we are unable to access them and use them in our day to day lives.

Our lens is also limited because we are hardwired for survival. Our subconscious mind, our cellular memory and the electromagnetic field that surrounds our physical body store data from our experiences, our ancestors’ experiences, and what we observe to make sure that we are safe and survive. It’s one of the reasons we hold on to trauma – to make sure we avoid any similar situations to keep us from getting hurt again…or worse.

Our lens is limited because we see ourselves as separate rather than part of the collective consciousness. We don’t understand our role in the impact of love or fear on our planet.

Another reason why our lens is limited is because our brains sync up with the communities we are in much like how women’s menstrual cycles sync up with women they live with or heartbeats sync up with the people we are with for extended periods of time.

Our lens is biased because of our powerful survival programming. We have learned to treat anything or anyone that is different from what we know and our own lens as unsafe.

If you think about it, we are just one big bundle of fear and it limits our view of the world and our experiences. It limits our ability to experience joy, happiness, love, and wonder. It limits our ability to be present and grateful. It limits our ability to make choices and step out of the boxes we find ourselves in.

Fear causes people to do irrational things. It causes them to self-sabotage the things they really want. It causes them to feel lonely, hopeless and helpless. It causes hate, and divisiveness and wars.

I have been on a journey to boldly live in a state of love rather than fear. I have been working hard to change my limited and biased lens into a lens of openness and possibilities. While there are many impressive tools that can help, the first step is to put down your own lens, listen without judgment, ask questions, understand that the other person’s lens is based in fear as well, and show compassion and loving kindness to the other person as well as to yourself.

In your state of listening, you just might find what I call a golden nugget, a piece of wisdom, another viewpoint worth considering, a common denominator, or something equally as beautiful.

I lovingly invite you to give it a try.

I love you!

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