Belinda Phillips | Opening Your Heart and Changing Your Mind

Opening Your Heart and Changing Your Mind

Opening Your Heart and Changing Your Mind

If you are anything like me, you have been on a quest to make sense of the world, feel alive, and live with passion and purpose.  

For much of my life, I have been struggling against the fear in my head and looking for something to fill the painful emptiness and loneliness I felt in my heart.  This was my mission – to find another way – and thus began my search for answers.

I wasn’t aware of the heart-brain connection when I began my journey.  I wasn’t aware of the way our brain’s sync up to the environments we live in,  I wasn’t aware of the beliefs and traumas I carried from my ancestors. I wasn’t aware that my heart could be filled with love.  I wasn’t aware that I could access a divine realm where what we consider miracles are the norm.

You may be thinking “yeah…so?”  

When we open ourselves up to learning new ways of thinking or being, we open the door to accessing all of the things we have been wishing for.  

In my quest to find the one thing that would change everything, I found that there isn’t one thing.  I had to put together the puzzle pieces to find the answers I was looking for.

When I found a healing method called Theta Healing, I was honestly blown away.  I was able to see how our belief systems keep us in a state of fear. I learned that we are biologically programmed for survival and we store vast amounts of information in our subconscious memory to keep us safe.  I learned that this information is often old and outdated and can be discovered and energetically changed. It was, in fact, possible to change the mind. There are many other healing methods and meditative techniques that can do this as well but I kept coming back to Theta Healing.   

Over time, I saw that this was only a piece of the puzzle.  That overwhelming feeling of loneliness and that nagging desire to belong wouldn’t go away.  I was determined to figure it out. If a book, a video, or a webinar came my way that felt like it was worth exploring, I was open to its wisdom.  Some paths left an impact while others not so much.

In my journey, I became open to the concept of God.  I had not really had much exposure to God. Some people refer to God as the Universe, Spirit, Creator, Source or the Quantum Field.  At first, I was drawn to the concept of the Universe or the Quantum Field because I could make more sense of the scientific aspect of it .  It didn’t fill that hole though.

Through my exploration, I realized there was a difference between the intellectual knowing about God and actually knowing and embodying God.  The concept of God as not only creator and protector but the doorway into the divine realm where miracles are possible is foreign to many people.  I have noticed that many people have some kind of negative response to God. This resistance may stem from from their religious background, their concern about God as masculine, their feeling that God has not been there for them, their belief that God is too foreign of a concept, or some other reason.

In my exploration, I realized that I lost my faith between 6 and 9 years old.  During that time, many great leaders were shot and killed, including John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, Rabbi Morris Adler (a prominent rabbi in Detroit) and Robert Kennedy.  The Detroit Riots took place during that time and the United States entered into the Vietnam War. Our television set was always on and I was exposed to these events through coverage on TV and overhearing my parents and grandparents discussing these events.  When I was 9, Rabbi Adler was shot and went into a coma. I remember praying that he would be ok. When he died, I never prayed again.

I was exposed to the idea of God as a miracle maker when I discovered Theta Healing.  That’s when I was able to open to God on an intellectual level. More recently, I realized that in order to access the divine realm, to bring miracles into my life and into the world, I needed to open my heart to God and to not only focus on a relationship with God but also to become one with God – much like a mother and the baby in her womb.  

When the puzzle pieces of opening the heart and changing the mind came together, not only did it make sense but it also felt right.  When I open my heart to God and “fix” my mind so that they are coherent, I open the door to the divine realm.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this or about your own journey.  

Email me at and I promise to email you back.  

With much love,


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