Belinda Phillips | Journey to Spiritual Healing

Journey to Spiritual Healing

Journey to Spiritual Healing

I was not a likely candidate to become a spiritual healer having grown up in a family that only believed in Western medicine and only MDs for that matter.  Dad was a surgeon and mom took care of the kids.  My thoughts and beliefs were in black and white and only about tangible things, and I followed that path and became a tax-lawyer.  I did not know there were options other than becoming a doctor or a lawyer, and I certainly knew nothing about energy or spiritual healing work.  In fact, if you had a problem, you just needed to try harder or cut it out.  I am grateful for having grown up that way – in fact, I chose to grow up with my mom and dad and they showed me how to work hard to get what I wanted and that I was a strong and independent person who could take care of both myself and others.

I have always been a caretaker, always wanting to help other people.  Other people must have sensed that because they often came to me for help.  Sometimes I could help them and others times not.  I noticed that I could see what was going on and where they needed help.  I didn’t know at the time that what I was experiencing was my strong intuition.  I just knew.  It was often frustrating though because if what they needed did not get better with my directing them to the best resource, holding their hand along the way, or just listening, I didn’t know how I could help them.

When I first began my career as a tax lawyer, I knew I was not in the right place.  I told people that I felt like a snake in the wrong skin.  At the time, I did not know how right I was.  I did not like being an adversary ready to attack or defend.  I wanted to help people.  But…the money was nice…and I became uncomfortably comfortable in that role.

Ten years later, my first daughter was born and it was the most special moment of my life.  I was in awe of the wonderment of creating a child out of love…and I loved her with all my heart.  I did not realize at the time the honor that Alyssa bestowed on me by choosing me as her mom.  Today I am grateful to her for that.  Feeling sad and lonely for much of my life, Alyssa showed me what unconditional love was and I saw the world differently.  At first, I did not realize what a wise soul Alyssa was because she masked it behind naivety and innocence.

Two years later, Marlee was born.  It was hard to believe that such a beautiful baby with such a pure and loving soul would have so many challenges.  She obviously came to teach, not only me but the world, about things that are oh so important beyond the material things we are all striving for – patience, unconditional love, joy and happiness no matter what, living a life without ego and judgment, and the importance of looking at the soul within.  As I transitioned into my life’s purpose of helping others, my mission was to help Marlee and other children who had challenges like her.

I turned to Western medicine because that’s all I knew but I sought out other possibilities as well – cranial sacral therapy, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, energy healing, behavior modification, alternative forms of therapy like PROMPT speech therapy, and more.  Whatever I sought out, I went to the “best” and traveled the world in my efforts to help my daughter.  My parents were awesome in this regard, supporting my efforts with financial assistance whether or not they agreed with what I was doing.  Alyssa was my best supporter, never questioning me and always having faith that mom knew what she was doing.

Along the way, I helped people by getting involved with the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance as a board member and by helping people advocate for what they needed in the Western medicine paradigm and in special education.  I was passionate about that and I would spend limitless hours helping other people.  I knew that that was what I needed to do.

I discovered that there might be something else that was not visible to me after my dad died and I was led to a medium.  That opened my eyes to the possibility that perhaps there was a soul that lived on.  That had never seemed possible to me.  A few years later, while traveling in Sedona, I took Marlee to see Victor, the pay by the minute healer.  Victor saw the beauty in Marlee – he called her a butterfly.  We talked for two hours and when we came outside, my mom saw a brightness in Marlee’s eyes that she had not seen before.

Several more years passed before I took my first energy healing course called Reconnective Healing with Eric Pearl.  Victor had given me Eric’s book to read and one day I looked on the internet to see when he would be teaching and found out that he was teaching in Chicago, an easy four hour drive, in just a month.  A first course led to a second course and I started doing Reconnective healings for my friends with some amazing results.  I loved the work but it seemed tedious – an hour session felt like days as I constantly looked at my watch.  Shortly after that, I was led to Transcendental Meditation and I was excited about the ability to achieve bliss.  Yes, I found that it was possible but for some reason it seemed like work to me.   Another few years passed and I ran into a high school friend who introduced me to Pranic Healing.  I learned Pranic Healing as well and I found it to be really effective but I was still frustrated with the amount of time it took.

About a year ago, two of my friends told me about an awesome intuitive (medium and psychic) that they had recently had phone sessions with.  I wasn’t drawn to reach out to him.  I found the information interesting.  Then I ran into an old friend whose husband had passed away and she told me that this particular medium had changed her life.  She looked right at me and said “Belinda you need to call him today.”  I had been going through a particularly stressful time so I reached out to him the minute I got home and scheduled a session three days later.  He told me that the career that was right for me was not even on my radar and that it involved speaking and writing and spirit guides.  Ok, I thought, that’s interesting.  A week later, after some of his predictions came true about Marlee’s medical condition, I was led to Spiritual Healing.

I didn’t really know what Spiritual Healing was.  In fact, I am not sure I really believed in God.  I did believe in a life force that I referred to as the universe as well as the science of quantum physics and energy.  That’s as much as I could comprehend.  I was led to a wonderful healer in California who began working with Marlee, Alyssa and me.  I didn’t know what she was saying or what she was doing….I just knew that I was in the right place.  She mentioned a class that she was having in four weeks in California.  I did not know why I should go or how I would get there, I just said yes…and not only yes to the basic class but yes to the advanced class as well, and yes, not only would I would be there but that Alyssa would be there as well.   Both Alyssa and I experienced profound changes in those first classes.  We knew we had found something amazing and beautiful and we both knew that we had done this before and that we were good at it.

As Alyssa returned to college to finish her senior year as a neuroscience and biology major, I continued my studies.  I am now certified in Theta Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring and I am a certified instructor in Theta Healing.  I am honored and fortunate to have learned from the founders of those modalities.  Not only did they teach me how to use these gifts but they showed me the importance of coming from a place of unconditional love, without judgment and void of ego.  Yes, I know that I have truly met angels…

I began my practice about six months ago and I am in awe and wonderment of the benefits my clients, my friends, and my family have received from the Spiritual Healing work I do.  What has been most exciting is the healing that Marlee has received.  She is so much more connected and aware and communicative and independent – her smartness is coming through.  I do believe in a divine life force now (call it God, Creator, Spirit, Buddha, Allah or whatever your belief is) and I have been fortunate and am honored and grateful to connect with the Creator of  All That Is every day in my personal life and in my work.

Recently, I met for the second time with the intuitive who had told me about my life’s work.  He sees so many people that he did not remember what he had told me before.  During that second session, he told me things about my kids, he told me some things about my life, he told me that I bring people together for a common goal, and he told me that he saw me blogging and that it was unusual because it was not writing, it was definitely blogging.  At the very end of our session he looked up at me and said “people come to you when they are on the brink.”  He paused and then said to me “you could be a healer.”  I smiled!